Boy Who Cares For His Wheelchair-Bound Mother In Council Flat Wins Scholarship To Eton.

Ilyan Benamor,15, a bright schoolboy who cared and loved his disabled mother, is now going to Eton after winning an $80,000 scholarship. To get through the coveted place, Ilyan who lived in a small two bhk in Stratford,east London, underwent a difficult, exhausting 3 days test which involved three entrance exams and various interviews.

Since he was 11, Ilyan cared for his wheelchair bound mother Laila Amal Chikhaoui,49, who spent his free time cooking, shopping and cleaning.

Lalia fled Algeria just before the boy was born, leaving behind his father who was seriously injured in a hit and run.

Throughout her life she had suffered ill health and was diagnosed with cancer  when Ilyan was just 9. She  now suffers from a debilitating condition called Functioning Neurological Disorder, limiting her mobility.

Ilyan wishes to be a politician. He expressed that he is very proud of his mom who has gone through alot of pain. He also expressed his gratitude towards his school who bought him a printer and went out of their way to help him and his mom in many ways.

Ilyan who was born in France moved to Spain and finally when he was 3 year old his mother got a UK visa. They have no family in the UK however his uncle plans to shift there to take care of Lalia while Ilyan can focus on his studies at Eton.

Ilyan said she is so happy and proud of her son. She worried when kids get to teenage years something wrong could happen because of gangs and knife crime. Now that he’s going to Eton she is not stressed. She feels like it’s a gift from God where her prayers have been answered.

May God bless the family beyond measure. This boy deserves all the happiness in the world. Please do share this positive and awesome story.

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