Boy Who Went Viral for Photo of Sister Comforting Him during Chemotherapy Finally Beats Cancer

Struggling from a deadly condition may have a negative impact on both emotional and physical health. Having their loved ones at their side in times of hardship, on the other hand, may have a significant impact on strengthening them at a time when all appears bleak and dismal.

Beckett was lucky to have constant attention and support from his family, particularly his elder sister, Aubrey. Kaitlyn Burge of Princeton, Texas, submitted sweet photographs of her children on the “Beckett Strong” Facebook page in September 2019, which went viral.

One thing they don’t tell you about childhood cancer is that it affects the entire family. You always hear about the…

Posted by Beckett Strong on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The photographs depicted Aubrey, then 5, softly caressing her brother’s back as he stood beside the toilet seat after vomiting due to chemotherapy. Beckett was only four years old at the time. Burge said the following about her children’s unusual bond- Aubrey was a great help in getting him through this. They formed a closeness that only siblings have and that she could never replicate.

Beckett was just two years old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in April 2018. Aubrey, as per Burge, frequently held her younger brother in her arms and held him to the couch when he was too weak to walk.

Aubrey filled the role of guardian in Beckett’s life during his cancer struggle, taking care of her baby brother like a mom. Burge went on to describe her feelings on her children’s unbreakable connection- Aubrey remained at his side. Despite the circumstances, she was there for him and took care of him. They are still close to one other. She constantly looks after him.

Beckett was hospitalized for months after being diagnosed. ALL is the most prevalent kind of childhood leukemia, and it assaults immature white blood cells known as lymphocytes, which end up eliminating foreign proteins in the body.

Bleeding, bruising, anemia, bone and joint pain, infection, stomach discomfort, enlarged lymph nodes, and trouble breathing are all frequent symptoms. ALL is treatable with blood transfusions, chemotherapy, antibiotics, and bone marrow transplants.

Aubrey had a difficult time adapting to things when Beckett was diagnosed with ALL and taken for treatment, according to Burge. She visited him in the ICU and couldn’t reconcile anything her closest friend and baby brother was going through.

Rather than causing a schism between her children, she was relieved to see her daughter become her son’s strongest support system. She also underlined the significance of instilling sentiments of unity and caring in kids, particularly during sickness.

Beckett is now cancer-free, and his mother says he is ready to restart his studies and turn over a fresh page in his life. Burge is now a mom of three children, with a younger daughter Chandler joining Aubrey and Beckett.

Aubrey, whose education had also been halted due to the financial hardship on her parents during her brother’s illness, has also started to pursue her interests. Beckett’s chemotherapy treatment ended on August 8, 2021.

The mom of three stated that she enjoys the rare arguments amongst her children since it means her family has returned to normalcy.

Several netizens were moved by Beckett’s cancer survivor tale, and they especially valued his sister’s encouragement. One user stated: “What a wonderful family you have. Beckett and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Another one has been added: “Thank you for sharing your experience. Children are very amazing in the face of hardship.” A third commenter mentioned: “As terrible as that photo is, seeing their love makes me happy. Mom, you’re doing a great job.”

Burge stated that her son occasionally endures minor leg discomfort and other cancer-related side effects, however that he is doing far better than before and is ready to resume a joyful, regular life.

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