Boy Who Won $1000 Donates To The Neighbor Fighting Leukemia.

When young people come into some money, they typically might use it for toys or video games or phones. But third-grader Wyatt Erber had a different plan after winning a thousand dollars. Now, the first thing you’re probably wondering is how in the world did a third-grader win a thousand bucks.

The 8-year-old entered a scavenger hunt in Edwardsville that was sponsored by a local bank, and he won the grand prize. But he really only entered the scavenger hunt for one reason: To help out his neighbor, 2-year-old Cara.

Cara’s mom, Trisha Keilty, had recently learned that her little daughter had leukemia. So young Wyatt wanted to win the prize to help his tiny neighbor out. He very much understood that leukemia was a bad thing, and he wanted Cara’s mom to use that money he won to take care of the problem.

Says Cara’s mom: “I knew he was wanting to do it for Cara, which is the sweetest thing ever. But an 8-year-old giving adults money? I tried to protest to his mom. Then she told me he asked how much chemo this would buy Cara. He gets it.”

Because of Wyatt’s incredible generosity to Cara and her family, a local charity matched his gift to them. When a man in Canada found out about the young boy’s deed, he sent him $100. And Wyatt’s mother could not be any prouder of her young son.

Says his mom, Noelle: “He’s always been a very sweet boy. I’m very lucky to call him my son.” 

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