Boy With Down Syndrome Is The First Student To Graduate College In Oregon.

Some seem to think, for whatever reason, that children born with Down Syndrome cannot do well in school; that they can’t lead productive lives. Well, hopefully, Cody Sullivan just blew that silly notion out of the water.

Cody, who has Down Syndrome, graduated last May from Concordia University, becoming the first student with the disorder to complete four years of college in Oregon.

Cody obtained a certificate of achievement in elementary education, due, in part, to the West Coast Think College coalition program. This program works specifically with colleges and universities to include students with intellectual disabilities in their regular classes.

Says Seth Phelps, a friend of Cody: “So Cody would have his notes in class, that he’d taken before, that aligned to what we were working on, and then when we had a project, he’d be up there with a modified project that fit the requirements of what we were doing in class.”

And Cody now already HAS his first job, working as a teacher’s aide at a local charter school. 

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