Boyfriend Broke Up Saying It’s Not Fair For His Kids To Stay In A Relationship With Me.

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My boyfriend has 3 kids (12f, 7f, 5f). A wildfire broke out by their house and the neighborhood had to evacuate, so I told my boyfriend to bring his kids to my apartment. I’ve known his kids for months and they’re all great kids but they’re a bit spoiled.

My boyfriend’s oldest daughter has health issues and they were at the hospital getting her treatments when the fire broke out. The younger two were at home with their nanny when the fire broke out, so the nanny took the kids straight to my place and my boyfriend joined us an hour or so later.

My boyfriend came in carrying his oldest because she was asleep and he didn’t want to wake her up. He asked where he could put her down, so I showed him to the room that I had planned on all of the kids and the nanny sharing (nanny is a live in nanny and I guess she didn’t have anywhere else to go, room has 2 bunk beds so everyone has their own bed). He said he didn’t want her to be in the same room as her siblings because she was going to need a lot of rest and he didn’t want them to bother her.

I asked where I was supposed to put her and he suggested my room. I asked if he meant only for a few hours and he said no, the whole night. I asked where we were supposed to sleep and he said we can sleep on the pull out couch. I said I wasn’t giving up my room so his 12 year old can have her own room and he left with the kids and nanny. He said he needs to rethink this relationship because I wouldn’t sleep on my couch for one night to let his daughter rest without her siblings waking her up and bothering her. Should I have just given up my room as he broke up with me last night because I “made it clear that I don’t like or respect the kids” and it’s not fair to them for him to stay in a relationship with me. I need some advice on if I’m wrong?

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