Boyfriend Wants Her To Take Pills To Stop Periods As He Finds It Dirty.

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It’s been a few weeks and I’m still so baffled and hurt. I don’t know what to think. We had a future planned together, and were in the process of renting a place together too. He always seemed to be grossed out by women hygiene commercials, tampons, anything that had to do with periods and women’s health after all. I didn’t think much of it since he had been nothing but caring and loving and found it funny sometimes. Called him childish and I’d laugh about it. He would either change the topic or just said that it wasn’t that funny.

We’ve been staying in each other’s houses a lot and never had sex since this one time we got all touchy. Then I stopped him when we were getting to it. He backed off and asked if everything’s okay and if I’m uncomfortable. I said no it’s just I’m on my period. Dead silence. He asked me “for how long?” And I was like “what do you mean?” He then backed away farther from me and sat silent sometimes looking at his phone. I got sad and confused so I laid down next to him hoping for some cuddles trying not to make it more awkward by saying something so I was keeping silent. Nothing. Then he spoke. He said I should do something about it and it completely ruined the mood for him. He told me he heard there’s pills that make periods go away and “everyone uses them why can’t you”.

I told him that it’s not true. And that the pills have major side effects which I don’t want to take because my periods aren’t at all heavy and I rarely get cramps. After hearing about them being heavy he became completely disgusted. He told me he didn’t want anything to do with it and to fix my “problems”. I wasn’t even angry, I was just hurt and shocked. It was my boyfriend. My beloved says stuff like that to me. I fell asleep crying and hurt that night. It sounded so stupid yet so embarassing and hurtful. After 3 days of absolutely no feelings just a hug saying goodbye to him in the morning he was supposed to leave. He sent a text saying he has been thinking about me.

He told me he does so much for us, why can’t I fix my periods so it doesn’t have to be such a problem. I told him he was making it a problem. And that he should be real and not childish. He completely disagreed and called me selfish. The next morning he dumped me over a text. It’s almost as if the love wasn’t there. I’ve been crying alot. Having panic attacks. I was so so sure he was the one. This sounds so stupid I can’t believe it. So yeah. I don’t want advice. I’m over him. I just wanted to rant on how some people are completely ignorant…

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