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Brad Pitt Began His Affair With Angelina Jolie Just Months After Jennifer Aniston Said She Wants to Have a Baby With Him.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie’s tragic love triangle has been one of the most exhaustively publicized romances in show business history. Given the performers’ celebrity, their marriage, divorce, and internal feuds have piqued the public’s interest for decades.

Aniston, on the other hand, has been dealing with media criticism for a long time, as she disclosed in a 2004 interview. Jennifer was still married to Brad at the time of the interview. Jennifer stated her ambitions to start a family with Brad Pitt and take their relationship to the next level in that interview.

Sadly, Aniston did not anticipate her relationship falling apart the next year.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly became close while filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and they were unable to avoid the media maelstrom. The tabloids had a field day scooping up any rumor or information on the new scorching hot Hollywood coupling amid intrigue and innuendo. Aniston remained by Brad during the media maelstrom and initially did not accept the claims, which turned out to be genuine.

They would like to declare that after seven years together, they have chosen to legally separate, the former couple said in a joint statement to Marie Claire, breaking the hearts of their admirers. For those who are interested, they would want to clarify that their separation is not the consequence of any of the tabloid media conjecture. This conclusion was made after careful consideration. They are happy to remain loyal and caring pals who adore and admire one another. They beg for their patience and understanding in the next months.

Much later, Jolie spoke openly about her connection with Brad Pitt, telling Marie Claire, due to the film, they were thrown together to do all these crazy things, and she believes they discovered this bizarre friendship and collaboration that kind of just occurred. She guess she recognized a few months in that she couldn’t wait to get to work.

Aniston has also opted to tell her side of the tale. Brad is not malicious; he would never purposefully try to rub something in her face. In retrospect, she can see him thinking, ‘Oh, that was thoughtless.’ But she recognizes Brad. ‘That’s art!’ Brad would exclaim. There is a missing sensitivity chip.

It was devastating to find that he had fallen for Jolie while they were still married, she told them. There was material printed there that was certainly from a period when she was completely clueless of what was going on. She believed such particulars were improper to disclose. That part when she said she couldn’t wait to come to work every day? That was awful, Aniston replied.

Pitt and Aniston are thought to be on excellent terms now that they have successfully recovered individually and re established their relationship. Pitt and Jolie married and divorced on April 12, 2019.

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