Brad Pitt Sues Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie After Believing She Has Double-Crossed Him.

It’s been five years of an unending divorce battle between exes Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Indeed, this couple was once one of the most celebrated and iconic Hollywood couples before they decided to part ways and their treacherous and extensive divorce procedure is inching closer to six years.

A latest episode has arisen that includes the pair’s wine business, Miraval Rosé.

Brad Pitt has now filed a new court case against Angelina Jolie in relation to the sale of her stake in the French winery. The actor is litigating Jolie over a business contract that she signed and claims in his court case that Angelina sold her interests in the company without his information and deprived of him the right to consent to the sale.

The former couple bought the said winery in 2008 the pair was able to marry in that same vineyard in after 10 years together.

Brad said that he invested a significant amount of money and time in the winery over the years he alone made the winery successful because Angelina wasn’t dedicating as much time as he was to the endeavour.

Angelina had gone to court and demanded that she wished to sell the share that she owned in the winery. Even though Brad allowed Angelina to go after selling her interests but he didn’t agree with the idea of it, saying that she could go ahead with it given he agrees of the purchaser. Brad made it clear that he didn’t mean he consented to it. Instead, it meant he would give his approval or disapproval to the purposed purchaser.

However, Brad claims that he was surprised to find out that Angelina had sold her share to a company called Tenute del Mondo. This Luxembourg-based Tenute del Mondo is an incredibly successful liquor company on their own. In addition to Stoli Group, Tenute del Mondo co-owns wine brands Masseto, Ornellaia, Luce and CastelGiocondo.

Soon after the news broke, the global CEO of Stoli Group commented on their new partnership with Miraval and said that the group have long venerated Miraval’s extraordinary wines and brand.

An insider from Brad’s side said that in selling her interests, Angelina overlooked her ethical and legal responsibilities. The same person also mentioned that she is now seeking a return on an investment she did not make and profits she did not earn.

Besides wanting the deal to become null and void by the court, Brad also wants damages.

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