“Brain Dead” Man Moves Minutes Before Organ Removal After Family Played Video Of His Children Playing: “Saved His Life”

When they say miracles happen, they mean it, and a couple from North Carolina witnessed one firsthand.

Ryan Marlow, a 37-year-old North Carolina pastor, was brought to the hospital after contracting a rare bacterial illness known as listeria. He spent a week in the hospital due to his illness, receiving the medical treatment he need for his recuperation.

However, things took a drastic turn when physicians informed his wife, Megan Marlow, that her husband’s health had deteriorated and that the swelling in his brain had resulted in a “neurological death.” Megan revealed in one of her Facebook live feeds that doctors ruled her spouse brain dead.

The bereaved spouse, along with their family members, were dealing with the sadness of losing a loved one. Because Marlow was a registered organ donor, hospital officials claimed that he would be kept on life support while receivers for his organs were found. Marlow’s family was devastated by the news and planned to meet at the hospital on August 30th to say their final farewells to Marlow.

Megan’s niece pointed out the unforeseen as the family gathered. She claimed to have seen Marlow’s feet twitch while watching a video of his 3 kids playing.

Megan asked that her husband’s brain function be evaluated, clinging to the optimism she had gained from her niece. She instructed the medical staff to schedule one for Marlow, refusing to allow them to continue without a brain function test.

The team was practically standing there waiting to take him. Stop everything right now, she order the nurse. She want him tested to determine whether he’s brain dead, Megan said in a live stream. The findings of the test were a miracle for Megan and her family, but also shed light on the medical officials’ egregious incompetence. They discovered that there was still blood flow to Marlow’s brain, and the CT scan confirmed this.

Marlow had fallen into a ‘deep coma,’ according to his wife’s live video. She updated her Facebook profile, and in the video, she provided a quick update on Marlow’s status. “Unexpected Update,” the post’s caption said. PRAY.”

Unexpected update PRAY.

Posted by Megan Marlow on Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Support, well wishes, and love came in from all around the world when Megan gave an update regarding Marlow’s health, with many hoping for Marlow’s quick recovery.

According to one remark on Megan’s post, “It’s a blessing that he can be surrounded by friends and family as he recovers. What physicians cannot accomplish, God can!!! I’m hoping he’ll become more responsive and wake up soon!! I’m hoping that God is simply giving him time to sleep so that he can heal. When we sleep, our bodies repair the most. I enjoy hearing the small indicators of optimism, such as movement and improved child performance. God is wonderful!!! God certainly can!!”

There have been online prayer gatherings for Ryan in the hopes that he would feel well soon and be able to return to his family.

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