Bride asks if she was wrong for refusing to hire babysitter for child-free wedding.

While some believe that weddings are family gatherings and that everyone in the family should attend irrespective of whether they can remain still for thirty seconds or not, others choose to have a formal evening affair with just those guests present who are eligible to vote. Read the story of the bride and groom who wanted a child free wedding and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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My partner and I want a childfree wedding and it has caused a lot of drama.

My partner and I have been to multiple friends’ weddings where kids have run wild. Screamed, cried and threw tantrums throughout the wedding ceremony which echoed and was the main thing you could hear.

During some of the receptions kids were running around, and almost tripping servers carrying hot food or drinks as kids weren’t watching where they were going and their parents weren’t watching them.

Throughout my life I’ve always been sensitive to high pitch noises. I often get massive headaches and can get nauseous after long exposure to them. At last weddings I’ve had to take strong painkillers to be able to go through the day. Which meant I wasn’t able to have any drinks and had to stick with water.

For our wedding the same people will be attending. From our past experience we know that the same kids will cause the same problems as they did in previous weddings.

Which is not the kids fault.

Weddings aren’t the place for kids, they get bored easily and they have to sit still and be quiet for an extended period of time which can be difficult when you’re young.

We want a childfree wedding so we can enjoy our wedding, I can have celebration drinks at my wedding and don’t have to spend the day Medicated.

Family is on board with this. Some friends aren’t on board and say that if I won’t invite their kids then I have to pay for babysitters for them or they aren’t coming.

We are having a small wedding and can’t afford to pay for babysitters for their kids. I just want to enjoy my wedding. Am i Jerk For having a childfree wedding?

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