Bride Criticised And Called Her Cousin Selfish For Shaving Head Before Marriage.

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My cousin, Delaney(24F), is getting married soon and I(13F) was asked to be the flower girl in her wedding. I know I’m a bit old for it, but I’m the youngest girl on that side of the family.

Around a month after being asked to be the flower girl, I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3. I started chemotherapy, and my hair started falling out pretty quickly. I called Delaney and asked her what the hell I was supposed to do about my hair, and she told me that it’d be fine, and just to leave it alone for as long as I could.

We all knew my hair was probably not going to last till the wedding day, and my brother ordered me a wig online. The wig looked a lot like my actual hair. My hair continued coming out in clumps and was getting extremely tangled and was just really uncomfortable. No one ever told me that losing my hair would be physically painful.

Eventually, a couple days before the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner (they happened the same day), nearly half of my hair had come out, and I was so sick of the hot mess that my hair had become that I just cut all my hair off. The day of the rehearsal dinner, I wore my wig so that Braelyn, the family friend that Delaney had asked to be her hair stylist, could figure out how to style it.

Delaney walked in as Braelyn was showing me how to use wig glue, and absolutely lost it. She asked me why I didn’t have hair and I told her ‘I have cancer, I lost my hair’ but she kept berating me and eventually I admitted that I had shaved my head because of how awful my hair looked. She called me a selfish brat and said that I didn’t have her permission to do anything drastic with my hair before her wedding.

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