Bride Friend Spills Wine On SIL To Get Her Attention Grabbing Dress Changed.

Weddings are intended to be enjoyable. Yes, disputes do occur and can be upsetting. During a difficult period, a bride/groom loves to be with someone with whom they feel completely at ease. Read the tale to find out what occurred at this wedding, and do you agree with the bride’s friend’s actions?

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Around three months, I, 25F, got married to husband 27M. I’ve been hearing about this from my ILs nonstop.

My husband has a younger sister, Alice, 22F, who in my opinion is a total brat. Alice had some type of childhood sickness, but she overcame it, however his parents were extremely lenient with her to the point where she cannot be corrected in any form without it being a big deal. She has been let go from multiple jobs because of this and she doesn’t have many friends, and always has to be the center of attention. At my other SIL’s birthday, their parents got Alice a gift just in case she got jealous.

I am an only child, and the only sisterly figure I have has to be my best friend Marie. We met in third grade, and since we’re both only children, we instantly clicked. We are fiercely protective of each other.

Husband and I decided to have a summer wedding, and to my surprise, Alice shows up wearing a lacy white dress. If you told me she picked this out of a wedding catalog, I would’ve believed you. Between the wedding and the main reception, we had a cocktail hour. People kept asking me about Alice, and I was becoming visually annoyed. A lot of people thought she was my husband’s ex instead of his sister.

I could tell the situation was pissing Marie off, and I watched Marie walk over to my husband’s family, greet them, and on her way back she “tripped” and fell by Alice, while holding a glass full of red wine. Alice ran into the bathroom, with MIL following her, and his dad came up to us and started to demand that Marie leave. I told them no, Marie is a lightweight and it was a mistake. Husband backed me up and said that since Marie is thin she can’t handle as much alcohol, but we’d make sure she sobered up before the reception.

At the reception, Alice was wearing a beautiful green dress brought to you by Ross, and Marie magically felt better. My in-laws have been bringing up the incident nonstop, but I have a hard time feeling bad, even though I know it wasn’t an accident. Did my friend do the right thing?

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