Bride Immediately Thinks Of Her MIL When Her Heirloom Diamond Earrings Go Missing, Calls The Police To Find Out She Was Right.

Family heirlooms are artifacts that have great sentimental significance and are passed down through generations. They are not only sentimentally significant, but they also have a monetary worth because antique objects of excellent quality are costly. In this story the bride’s earrings go missing on her wedding day, and she understands who took them but is unable to recover them and must contact the police. Read the story and what would you have done in such a situation.

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I 28f got married to my husband 34m a week ago. We got engaged about a year ago and when I got engaged my mother gave me a pair of earrings which she said every woman for generations in our family has worn to their weddings. They are 4.00ct dangling earrings and they are worth a lot. I felt very honoured to be given them and it made me feel closer to my grandmother who had died 2 months prior.

About 3 months after that I went wedding dress shopping with my mother, my sister and my fiancés mother. I brought all the jewellery that I would be wearing to my wedding to see how they match the dresses. When I put the jewellery on my mother in law kept going on about how gorgeous the earrings were. My mother explained the story and how they were a family heirloom passed down generations. I found the dress of my dreams and bought it.

On the day of my wedding I had everything ready in my room. My wedding dress, my flowers, my shoes, my makeup and my jewellery. I was there with my soon to be mother in law. I then needed to go to the toilet and when I came back my mother in law was gone. I wasn’t sure what had happened but i just thought she maybe got called away to do something. I then noticed my earrings were gone. I knew straight away that she had taken them.

I found her and confronted her and she said she didn’t take them. I asked if I could look through her bag and she said no and gripped onto it. I said that if she didn’t let me look I would call the police which I then did as she still wouldn’t let me look. The police arrived and searched her and the earrings were found in her bag. They were returned to me and they asked if I wanted to press charges. I wanted to talk to my fiancé first and he said he would support me if I wanted to. I didn’t want to decide at that moment so I just ignored it and had a great night.

That was a week ago and ever since then I’ve been getting loads of threatening messages and calls from my husband’s side for the family. My mother in law has been sending me extremely hateful texts and I think I want to press charges but I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea. 

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