Bride in shock after her groom’s ex crashed wedding in a bridal gown

In China, a rejected lover gate-crashed her ex-wedding boyfriend’s to another lady while dressed in a bridal gown to implore him to return to her.

In a video, the passionate ex-girlfriend can be heard shouting at the groom and kneeling in front of him, while the bride looks on in disbelief.

When the groom was going to kiss the bride on stage, the ex-lover allegedly broke into the wedding. During the awkward scenario, the bride opted to depart, appearing upset.

The viral 30-second video is claimed to have been shot recently at a wedding in China.

It was disseminated widely by Chinese media after being posted by an entertainment blogger.

According to Star Video, which is linked with Hunan Legal Channel, the groom ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend since their personalities were too dissimilar.

When the woman unexpectedly turned up to his wedding wearing an expensive white gown, he was taken aback.

His ex-girlfriend urged him to forgive her and give her another opportunity, as the man tried to soothe his startled fiancée.

The wedding MC was likewise taken aback by the spectacle, remarking, they have an unusual situation here, before adding, maybe this is the truth of love.

To save the wedding, the emcee recalled a famous Chinese proverb: ‘If you ask life what love is, it is to give your life to someone else.’

The bride and her family were stunned when the love rival appeared.

Despite the groom’s best efforts to soothe the bride, she shook his hands and went off the stage.

Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, users have shown their solidarity for the bride while condemning her ‘unreasonable’ ex-girlfriend.

‘Do not wreck other people’s relationships to gratify your own fixation,’ one common response said.

‘This is exactly why you can’t be friends with an ex,’ another commenter added.

‘This is more than improper,’ remarked a third viewer. How might the wedding go ahead from the bride’s perspective?’

Groom's ex-partner shows up at wedding party in bridal gown

Groom's ex-partner shows up at wedding party in bridal gown

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