Bride is ridiculed after making own wedding cake 12 hours before the big day

Because weddings may be exorbitantly costly, the bride might have saved hundreds of dollars by making the dessert herself – but many people characterised it as a ‘kids birthday cake’ or a ‘volcano’ rather than a romantic wedding cake.

Laura, who is thought to be from the United States, submitted a video on TikTok that has been seen 3.7 million times.

She captioned the video, ‘Not sure if creating my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the greatest decision.’

Wedding cakes in Australia may range from $300 to $1200 based on number of layers and embellishments – but Laura’s handmade version was probably less than $30.

She is getting married in two days, and today she is creating their wedding cake,’ Laura explained.

The two-tiered cake was baked with Betty Crocker rainbow white cake mix (which costs $4 AUD per box) and was coated in rainbow sprinkles the night before.

She made three eight-inch cakes and three ten-inch cakes to make the various tier sizes.

She remarked that it’s midnight on the night before their wedding, and she is icing their cake. She has never iced a cake before, but it’s looking very lovely.

Laura finished the cake with a big topper that spelled out the couple’s name.

While Laura was pleased with the ‘cute’ final outcome, others were critical of the handmade dessert.


Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea 😅🤪💋

♬ Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

‘Is this some kind of joke?’ Because it appears to be more for a birthday,’ one reader wrote.

‘I can hear your visitor judging,’ whispered another, and a third added, ‘No…just no.’

‘I didn’t realise you were a professional baker and this was going to be so delicious,’ another acknowledged.

Some, though, applauded Laura for trying it and saving money by making it herself.

‘I believe this is the most adorable concept!!!’ ‘Expensive cakes are overrated,’ said one woman.

‘Thank goodness someone has some wisdom and doesn’t pay $500 for a wedding cake.’ Let your beauty come through, not your cake!’ another person wrote

‘People are very cruel,’ remarked a third. I can’t recall anyone’s cake from any weddings I’ve attended. It doesn’t matter if you’re satisfied with it. It’s your lucky day!’

Laura replied to the naysayers in another video by posting photographs of herself smiling and cutting the cake on her wedding day.

@darlinggoose “You’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke” shoutout to my photographer, Kim for slaying 😫💥❤️ #weddingdiy #diyweddingcake #sprinklecake ♬ Ms. Jackson – Outkast

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