Bride Purposely Wants To Dance On A Song Which Is Associated With Step-Sister Past.

A couple has chosen their first dance song for their wedding, which happens to be the same song that the bride step-sister and her ex-husband had at their wedding. The step-sister is upset and has asked if they could change it, but the couple has decided to stick with their choice, causing tension between them.

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We’ve chosen our first dance song. My step sister is not at all happy because she and her ex husband also had this at their wedding, and she said she has a lot of memories with this particular song. She asked if I could change it, I told her I get it but this is what we want, and I don’t want to change it. She said she understood but she’s been acting differently around me and I could tell she was mad/upset.

Most people who know about this don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, but I had my sister and one of my friends tell me I’m being selfish and not understanding here.

Am I Wrong ?

Some people are asking to edit in my comments so here they are:

Yes. A few months after they got married he was in a wreck, he thankfully survived but has a very severe TBI (among other things). He lives in a specialized nursing home. They did get divorced but my sister still goes on about how she loves him and visits him occasionally. He doesn’t remember who she is most of the time but my sister said she apparently sang this song to him and he “looks like he remembers her” (her words)

Come What May (from the movie Moulin Rouge). My sister sees it as “their” song, she and her ex first met at the movies when they both went to watch it. Then apparently the restaurant they went to for their first date was also playing it, so they took it as a sign. And as I said, they also played it at their wedding. She also sings it to him sometimes now.

I think it’s a really nice song and I’d like to play it too, I don’t want to have to change it.

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