Bride seeks advice about fiancé’s dad wanting to do chastity check.

Every family has different customs or traditions during weddings or any functions. However, this woman was shocked to know when her fiance informed his father will need to physically check her genitals in front of other guys in the family in just less than a week for the wedding. Read the story and let us know what you would do. 

Source: Reddit

My fiance proposed to me about 8 months ago. We decided on having a relatively small wedding which is in two days. Everything was going great. He seems absolutely perfect and we are very much in love.

I am a virgin and so is he, he wanted to save it for marriage and I wasn’t fussed so I agreed to save it. He has told me earlier that in his family the father checks the virginity of the bride the night before the wedding. I laughed this off as it seriously sounds like a massive joke. No turns out he was dead serious. He wants me, the night before, to open my legs up in a small ceremony type thing so his dad can check me while he, his brothers and uncle can watch so that they know I am still ‘pure’.

I told him I am not going to do that at any chance and he was begging me to go through with it and how important it is for him. He said he knew it was slightly embarrassing for me but his mom did and it will prove how much I love him and that I have nothing to hide anyway as I am still a virgin. I left and he was crying, it was very dramatic to be honest.

I want to call off the whole wedding because of this and never talk to him again. But at the same time it’s only one thing and other than that we are genuinely perfect for each other and I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else and it is very important to him and his family.

What the f should I do? I am currently at my friend’s house and I might stay here for the night. tomorrow will be our last day as an unmarried couple and I am straight up panicking. 

Do you think their request is reasonable?

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