Bride Suggests Postponing Her Wedding Because Of Fiancé’s Braces, He Says They Should Cancel It Altogether.

The decision to postpone a wedding is never an easy one, but for this couple, it’s a matter of esthetics. The groom, who refused to get braces as a child out of fear of being ridiculed, has finally accepted the need to straighten his teeth. However, with the wedding looming, the bride-to-be wants to wait until the braces are off to avoid having a groom with braces in their wedding photos. This decision does not sit well with the groom, who accuses his fiancée of being ashamed of him. The situation is complicated by the fact that the groom opted for traditional braces over invisible ones to save money for their wedding and honeymoon. Will this couple be able to find a compromise and move forward with their wedding plans, or will the decision to postpone lead to the end of their relationship?

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My fiance (25M) has braces. He refused to get them when he was a child/teen cause he feared people would make fun of him, but he finally accepted to get them after the dentists told him clearly that it wouldn’t be recommended to replace his extracted teeth till he fixes his crooked ones. The issue is that our wedding was supposed to be coming up soon, but now I plan to postpone till my fiance gets rid of his braces. I have nothing against him wearing braces. I even encouraged him to get them to finally fix his bad teeth, but did you ever see a groom wearing braces in his wedding photos ? I don’t think so.

I thought my fiance would be understanding, but instead he got mad at me and accused me of being ashamed of him. That’s obviously not true, I just want our wedding photos to be as esthetically pleasing as possible, and that’s why I want to postpone our wedding till his braces come off. I also told him he could’ve avoided all this if he got invisible braces, but he said these were much more expensive and he wanted to save money specifically for our wedding and honeymoon and didn’t think his fiancee would be so shallow to care about it. He ended up saying that if I postpone the wedding now, I might as well just call it off altogether, which I think is incredibly unfair of him to do, but maybe I shouldn’t have insisted on this issue either.

Am I wrong?

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