Bride-To-Be Faces Backlash After Posting Horrible Rant About Groom’s Daughter.

A bridezilla who sought to ban her future husband’s “crotch goblin” 3 year old daughter from their wedding has been brand-named a “terrible human being”.

The unidentified bride-to-be’s outburst was posted into a wedding shaming group on Facebook where predictably it received a bombardment of criticism from shocked users. The women even speak of the youngster by a host of nasty names, including ‘crotch goblin’. 

In the post, she then explained the reasons why she didn’t want the three year old girl to attend her marriage ceremony. She mentioned that she is tying the knot with her husband-to-be and not his crotch goblin and daughter is his fault and not hers. She even went ahead to put no kid policy on her wedding invites and insisted her future stepdaughter should not attend the nuptials because other children were banned too.

Since she shared the post in the Facebook group, it has gathered over 1,000 remarks from diverse users. 

Most users have shown their shock at how the woman spoke about the young child and nearly all criticize the woman for her cruelty and with one saying her opinion is absolutely disgusting. Another user questioned how long the marriage would last and similarly another said the post made her feel miserable and one of the user couldn’t believe the post was even real.

One user on the online forum said the woman shouldn’t be with someone who has a child if she doesn’t like children as there are plenty of single, childless people out there.

Quite a few other users pointed out that the woman’s outlook to the three year old was concerning as they referred to it as a red flag.  

Another user said that there is a really good reason no one has anything nice to say because she is an awful person. This user believes that the father is still going to raise and love his daughter so either the lady need to grow up and be a decent stepmother as that’s what comes with the marriage or break it off if she can’t commit.

One more user said they thought the woman would be the wickedest stepmother forever if she married the groom and became stepmother to his child.

And it is not the first time a bride-to-be has faced reaction online. 

Sometime back, a bridesmaid revealed that she was asked by the bride to have an abortion when she told her she was expecting before the wedding. The bridesmaid shared the information of the strange conversation between herself and the bride in a similar private wedding shaming group on Facebook. 

The disgusting post detailed that the bridesmaid, who was constantly told she would never be able to have children and thought the bride would be thrilled to hear her great news. 

Yet, the bride told her bridesmaid that she would be so worried trying to get a dress suitable on her own. She also repeated the statement that her wedding was going to be kid free and added that the marriage would be problematic for the pregnant woman before telling she get an abortion.  

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