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Bride-to-be is teased for proposing to her lover.

A woman whose video of her proposing to her partner went viral has said she suffers from awful internet abuse, with other women telling her they’d ‘rather die’ than ask a guy to marry them.

Sukhmin Garcha, 27, a skin educator, proposed to Shiraz Brar, 27, a dental hygienist, in July in Vancouver, Canada.

Sukhmin claims that after a video of her twist on traditional gender roles went viral, she was ridiculed by women who told her she had no self-respect, that she should be humiliated, and that her boyfriend didn’t seem enthusiastic about her proposing to him.

The video received a lot of appreciation from male viewers, however Sukhmin was astonished to see so much hate from female viewers.

With remarks like “is her knee hurting?” and “she’s losing” and “they’d rather hoover the ocean than propose to a man,” Sukhmin was eager to pave the road and propose to her sweetheart.

She was always open to proposing, Sukhmin added. She was first somewhat apprehensive about it. She wanted to wait until the proper time.

It didn’t bother her personally. My guy was beaming with delight. Their families were extremely supportive and delighted. Her mother was overjoyed.

To be honest, she would advise just doing it! It’s a no-brainer if you both have the same amount of involvement in the relationship.

Just because not many people have done it doesn’t make it bad.

These are just archaic gender stereotypes imposed by society. We are the new generation, and we can certainly construct a new society in which gender roles do not exist.

It was a hit with her friends and family. She did receive some criticism on TikTok, but it was little in comparison to the favorable feedback.

A startling amount of the hatred came from ladies. It was fascinating to witness how guys responded to a woman proposing.

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In their culture, they constantly desire equality, despite the constant opposition due to cultural bias.

She honestly feels they need to challenge these standards and enjoy life to the fullest.

In a world full of negativity, they should choose to spread compassion and love.

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