Bridesmaids Boycott The Wedding When Bride Did This To Her Own Sister.

Many couples feel that each and every aspect of arranging a wedding must be immaculate and ideal in every way. Some women get perceived as “bridezillas” because they strive to micromanage all that happens on their wedding day to an excessive degree. Read the story to know what happened in this wedding invite and what you should be done in this situation.

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I (33f) have been with my bf (35m) for over 10 years now. We have 2 kids together (twins) aged 8.

I have an older sister (38) Nina who is getting married to Dan (37m). She has a 16 yo and a 5yo from her previous relationship. She has known Dan for about 2 years.

Her wedding is in 2 weeks time, I was meant to be a Maid of Honor and had my final dress fitting and everything about a week ago, since Nina is very particular about how she wants her wedding to go so the dresses took 2-3 months to be made. The MOH dress and bridesmaid dresses are slightly different where the MOH dress looks more upgraded compared to bridesmaid and is closer in style to the bride dress. Because I’m her only sister Nina said she couldn’t imagine anyone else wearing the MOH dress.

Last week I found out that neither my boyfriend nor my twins are invited to the wedding as my sister has cancelled their invitations (the wedding is not child free since her kids and our nephews and nieces are going to be there). When I asked her what was wrong she said she doesn’t feel comfortable having my bf at her wedding because we are still not married and since the twins were born outside of marriage, they can’t come in too.

I was furious and reminded her that she herself has 2 kids that were born “outside of marriage” (this is her first marriage) and she is currently pregnant with another one. Nina said she “understood her sins and is working to redeem them”, but her word is final. So me along with a few other bridesmaids have pulled out from the wedding and told her we will not be coming since Nina decided to uninvite our boyfriends and kids. I have also said I will not be giving my MOH dress either since I have fully paid for it and for all the fittings.

My sister called me a Jerk and is asking our parents to do something, since she can’t have another MOH and the dress will take too long to be made and everything is already fully paid. Am I Wrong ? What Should I Do ?

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