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Britney Spears Acting ‘Manic’ In Restaurant, Husband Sam Storms Off.

Britney Spears created a commotion at an L.A. restaurant on Friday night. The pop diva had a weird tantrum, forcing her hubby to walk out.

According to eyewitnesses… Brit and Sam Asghari arrived with a bodyguard at JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills, which was filled with customers who noticed her right away.

Britney’s meal was a disaster from the beginning. Customers took out their cell phones and started filming her. Britney became enraged, and things swiftly devolved.

According to witnesses, Britney went “manic,” shrieking and speaking gibberish – not another language, but unintelligible speech. Sam reportedly became obviously furious, quickly rose up, and walked out the door.

Check out the footage, which shows Brit sitting alone at the table and babbling incoherently.

Witnesses said Britney got up and left the restaurant two minutes later with her bodyguard, who quickly returned to settle the bill.

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