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Buffalo Bills’ assistant athletic trainer praised as a ‘real hero’ for saving Damar Hamlin’s life.

While most of the emphasis has been on Damar Hamlin’s health since his collapse on the field during Monday Night Football, as the Bills safety’s condition has stabilized, details of individuals who played a critical part in preserving his life have emerged.

One of the first persons to conduct “life-saving efforts” was the Bills’ assistant sports trainer Denny Kellington.

“You talk about a real leader, a real hero in saving Damar’s life,” stated Bills head coach Sean McDermott during a news conference.

After what looked to be a normal tackle against Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, Hamlin, 24, fell on the field. But Hamlin collapsed shortly after standing up.

The Bills’ medical personnel knew something was badly wrong almost instantly and raced to Hamlin’s side.

Authorities at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Hamlin is being treated, described it as “textbook execution.”

It simply speaks really to the initial realization that there was something considerably and terribly wrong by the Bills medical personnel. They can’t thank their staff enough, said Dr. William Knight of the University of Cincinnati Health on Thursday.

The Bills training staff that were with him instantly saw that this was not a routine injury, and they had a serious incident on their hands and responded swiftly, Dr. Timothy Pritts stated. It went as well as anything like this can go under extremely difficult conditions, and they did a tremendous job, which is why they’re here today.

According to reports, Hamlin got CPR and defibrillation less than one minute after collapsing on the field, and he received the life-saving procedure for nine minutes before being transferred to the hospital.

Many people praised Kellington once it was discovered that he was the first to do CPR.

All of the medical staff that contributed to Damar Hamlin’s survival merit our gratitude. He is still alive today due to their quick response.

Please share and thank the medical people that assisted in Hamlin’s rescue and those who are still treating him.

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