Bullies mock her “disgusting” legs – then she takes a close-up and silences everyone.

When you lose weight rapidly, your skin does not contract to fit your new body size, but rather becomes loose. That’s exactly what occurred to Jacqueline. Her skin got looser and looser as she dropped weight.

Jacqueline was first concerned about the appearance of the extra skin on her body, particularly her legs. But she chose not to let it hold her back and went about her business as normal.

After dropping so much weight, Jacqueline felt confident enough to wear a swimming suit on vacation for the first time in a long time.

But when Jacqueline walked to the hotel pool, she accidently bumped into several bullies. A couple at the pool began laughing and pointing at her legs.

It doesn’t matter what others say. That’s OK. Respect one’s body, Jacqueline said in a strong Instagram post about the occasion, which included some close-ups of her legs.

In a short period of time, her article earned over 30,000 likes and several positive comments.

I hope Jacqueline’s bullies read it as it will silence them and let them understand how terrible they were. Take a look at this!

When they were on vacation in Mexico a few weeks ago, it was the first time in a long time that she wore a swimming suit, and even longer since she wore a bathing suit without a cover-up.

She was frightened to take her cover-up off and to stroll into the pool or walk on the beach. She still felt like the 500-pound girl… Then something occurred.

As soon as she removed her cover-up, a couple seated by the pool began laughing, pointing at her, and making a mockery of her.

So, what exactly did she do? She took a big breath, grinned, and into the water. That was a great milestone for her and there she had evolved.

She was no longer the same girl. Yes, she still has a lot of loose skin, she still feels awkward at times, and she still gets mocked.

To be honest, that irritated her. But she wasn’t going to allow individuals like them to bother her any longer.

They have never met her. They had no idea how hard she worked to drop 350 pounds. They have no idea how she is healing from major surgery.

They had no right to stand there pointing and laughing at her. That’s why she smiled.

She added that it makes no difference what people say or attempt to question or tear one down. What is important is how you respond to it. How you perceive yourself. It’s difficult to love yourself just as you are. Some people might not like that. That’s OK. Let’s hope one appreciates oneself. Respect one’s body. Let’s hope one keeps doing what one is doing and keeps smiling!

Words of wisdom from a strong and intelligent woman! If you agree, please share!

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