Burn survivor, who didn’t leave home for almost two years, is now the owner of a bakery

27-year-old Burn survivor Ngo Quy Hai overcame numerous obstacles to become the successful bakery entrepreneur he is now in Kon Tum city, where he was born. Although his coffee and cake store showcases many of Vietnam’s greatest features, the wonderful welcome that his Sunhouse Coffee restaurant extends is really the result of a challenge and act of courage.

He stated that he is more than how he appears. Do not use foul language toward him. He survived. When Hai was a toddler, an accident changed his life permanently. He fell into the wood stove by mistake while wheeling a stroller in the kitchen, severely burning a large area of his body.

Back then, baby walkers were widely used, and many were unaware of their potential risk. Hai was transferred to Children’s Hospital 1 in Saigon after the incident. He was there for two years receiving numerous therapies and intense care in an effort to prolong his life. Numerous reconstructive procedures followed, but even then he still had substantial scars.

He struggled to get over the mental damage more than his physical look and discomfort. Despite being brutally bullied, Hai refused to surrender and valiantly paved a way for himself. Growing up, he felt lonely and didn’t have many pals. He  felt socially isolated and  experienced mockery and humiliation while he looked for employment. For over two years, he went through a period of not leaving the house.

He fell behind in his education as a result of missing school, although he did make one excellent buddy during this period who also had difficulties. He stated of his friend, often he thinks providence brought them together. Since they were very little, they have played together and have shared numerous joys and tragedies, including the despair that no one else desired to play with them.

Burns survivor chasing his dream

With severe facial deformities, Ngo Quy Hai has had a life much tougher than most. But rather than letting the adversity defeat him, Hai went on living and finally fulfilled his dream of running his own bakery Sunhouse Coffee while helping other unfortunate people. Check out his inspirational story!

Posted by Việt Nam News on Tuesday, 4 January 2022

He was eventually able to learn how to write and pursue his musical interests thanks to the assistance of his family and a course at a Hano hospitality training school offered by KOTO. Hai remembers how he and his friend were expelled from a bakery they had long desired to visit. Opening up a bakery had been his boyhood goal. They didn’t pay attention to their explanations, and since they were quite poor, their clothes weren’t as fancy as some people. They escorted them out, he revealed.

It was embarrassing, but that event has shaped who he is now, said Hai. It helped him realize what he desired to do in his heart. He was planning to start his own bakery so he could make wonderful and lovely cakes and provide wholesome food to all, regardless of their financial status. He would greet all without prejudice.  All he wants to do right now is promote compassion on this difficult planet.

It was pleasant to see so many happy people. He  frequently see kids selling lottery tickets on the street, and he always invites them in for a slice of cake. One is unaware of the struggles endured by others. Be compassionate, he said. Now, his goal is to assist people who are going through difficulties like those he did. Making an impact in society may be done through giving back.

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