Burned, Beaten 7-Yr-Old Boy Dies After One Week In Coma, And Father Is Arrested.

Police are investigating the death of a little kid who died at home after sustaining significant injuries.

Jaevion Riley, 7, was discovered unresponsive and not breathing in a Manchester, New Hampshire, apartment on January 17, according to several media reports. He was sent to a nearby hospital in Boston after suffering serious burns on more than 15 to 20% of his body.

He died on Tuesday as a result of his wounds. Based on a statement from the local Attorney General and the Manchester Police Department, an autopsy is scheduled.

Murtadah Mohammad, the kid’s dad, was charged last week with first-degree attack, second-degree abuse, manipulating physical evidence, and jeopardizing the well-being of a child.

It’s utterly awful, horrifying, and disgusting to look at. Looking at her own kid makes her physically uncomfortable due to what this monster did to him, Rainah Riley, Jaevion’s mother expressed before the youngster died.

It appears to be from boiling water or oil, or… perhaps lit on fire, Riley told. This dude was attempting to murder her baby, she claimed.

The boy’s mother also stated that she attempted to get him help months ago, but nothing was done. O nce Mohammad, 25, was granted joint custody of Jaevion, she started discovering symptoms of abuse.

She requested wellness checks on him while he was with him for the bruises, and nobody did anything, Riley told. Not only has the system failed her child, but so many others. And something must be done as this is not acceptable. It isn’t.

According to court records the New Hampshire Union Leader, Mohammad told investigators he’d set a pot of water on the stove to prepare dinner before taking a shower. As a result, he stated he was unaware of what occurred to his kid on the day of the event.

However, authorities observed several contradictions in his narrative, and Mohammad subsequently reportedly informed cops that he had used hot water and electrical cables to reprimand his son for lying, according to court records.

Amani Lameldin, a family neighbour, said that Jaevion was a really sweet child and gentle, as well as extremely quiet and polite. She couldn’t believe that was happening to him, she said.

Attorney General John M. Formella and Manchester Police Chief Allen D. Aldenberg announced in a statement that “an inquiry is continuing” into Jaevion’s murder.

The cases involving the child’s death are being extensively probed, as are the reason and manner of death, the statement stated.

Mohammad has been assigned a public lawyer, although it is unknown if he has entered a plea to the accusations levelled against him.

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