Bus Driver Detour To Help The Blind Man.

Doctors told Gene Hubbard that he had diabetes, and the road ahead of him would not be easy. He would have to monitor his blood sugar and he would have to give himself insulin shots. And even with that, things could go wrong. Sadly, something DID go wrong. Gene went blind because of the diabetes. That was more than 20 years ago.

But Gene dealt with it, and did not allow it to get him down. He has a full-time job and uses public transportation to get to it. He has memorized schedules, maps and routes. But road construction made a lot of things change. And it got him all mixed up, especially on his normal walking route.

Says Gene: “If I don’t have a regular locating point to start from, I may as well be in the middle of the ocean.”

But one day, when Gene was obviously showing signs of distress, a young bus driver spotted him. That driver, Thaddeus Turner, stopped his bus, got out, and help Gene get back on the right path for his walk. And by doing so, Gene was able to make it safely back to his home.

Thaddeus is a good example of someone doing the right thing to help someone in need of help. There should be a lot more people like Thaddeus in the world. A lot more people like him. 

Milwaukee Bus Driver's Kindness Caught on Camera

Thad Turner didn't think twice before helping a rider who is blind across the street, but for those that saw it, it was an amazing act of kindness. Another story of #MCTSExcellence

Posted by Milwaukee County Transit System on Monday, 23 July 2018

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