Bus driver notices senior isn’t boarding vehicle then realizes the man’s in danger.

It’s critical that we watch out for one another. Whether the folks are friends or complete strangers, realizing there are extra eyes brings peace of mind.

Mike Blair, a bus driver in Las Vegas, keeps an eye on his passengers.

The considerate driver constantly goes above and beyond for the passengers in his car. He has a sixth feeling for assessing if people are alright, so when he noticed an older gentleman acting abnormally at a bus stop, he felt something was amiss.

Blair was driving his usual route when the event occurred. He was soaking in his surroundings as usual when a senior at the bus station grabbed his eye.

The man had been sitting in the sweltering heat of Las Vegas, waiting for the bus.

Blair estimated the temperature to be 105 degrees that day, characterizing the weather as “burning hot.” This one person, he did not board the bus, he stated.

He appeared to be in despair as he began to clutch the wall.

That was all it took for the bus driver to respond.

Blair stood up and helped the man aboard the bus, sitting him in front of the air conditioner. But something deep within him told him he was required to do more. The driver then realized he had a water bottle in his lunchbox.

Blair started giving the man sips of water to hydrate him. The elder was able to get to his feet about 10 minutes later.

He got off the bus and thanked him. The man was 92 years old, he stated as he stepped off the bus.

Unbeknownst to Blair, passenger Brent Leabu had observed the driver’s thoughtful acts and photographed them. He shared the photo on Twitter and Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

Blair had no clue he had been photographed. In reality, he had no idea his tale had gone viral until his company, Keolis, contacted him. Keolis is quite proud of its employees, according to Francis Julien, the company’s general manager.

They also got Blair a gift bag, balloons, and a cake to express their appreciation. They also displayed the famous tweet for him to remember the event since he doesn’t have Twitter.

Blair, on the other hand, does not believe he did anything noteworthy. He stated, they are all brothers and sisters. He believed anyone could have done that. Blair says he isn’t interested in money or fame after becoming viral, but rather wishes that maybe this will impact people’s hearts so they would do something wonderful as well.

With his act of generosity, the bus driver has definitely captured the hearts of people all across the internet.

People admire him for sensing the man’s distress and going out of his way to assist him.

Not all heroes, as we all know, wear capes. It appears that some are the ones who drive buses.

Listen to Blair explain about what occurred that day in the video below!

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