Cab Driver’s Behavior Towards The Homeless Man Will Make Your Day.

The other day, I was travelling on an app-based cab. My daughter was accompanying me. It was hot and humid.

We stopped at the traffic signal. Suddenly, there was a tap on the window. A homeless man was standing outside in the heat. His hands were crooked and shaking. He could not speak properly but explained in both signs as well as some unintelligible words that he was very thirsty and wanted some water to drink.

Just as I opened my purse to give him money for a water bottle, I was pleasantly surprised to see the cab driver’s thoughtfulness. He rolled down the window and gave the man a big unopened cold water bottle, which he must have purchased for himself.

The man took the bottle, walked hurriedly to the curb and sat down, gulping the water thirstily.

I silently thanked God for putting such kind, generous and thoughtful souls into a world slowly going towards apathy and a non-caring attitude.

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