California Boy Was in Critical Condition after Being Hit by Train and Losing Mom: “He’s a Fighter”

Travis Nunes and Ashlee Rhodes resided in Lincoln, California, with their 2 kids, Bradlee and Easton Nunes. Rhodes worked as a full-time mother and company owner, and she was recognized for her contagious smile, friendliness, and empathy.

Rhodes and Travis worked tirelessly to ensure that their kids had the finest of all. They were frequently seen with their kids, but no one could have predicted that a sad occurrence would soon impact their lives forever.

Rhodes and Travis accompanied their children to a pumpkin farm on September 26, 2022, to celebrate Bradlee’s birthday. They snapped several photographs together over there, not realizing it was their last few minutes as a family.

Travis and Bradlee returned home after spending a few hours together, while Rhodes and Easton went bowling. Rhodes had intended to pick up supper on her way back so that the four of them could eat together at the dining table, but destiny had other ideas.

Travis was concerned more than three hours after leaving the pumpkin field since his wife and children had not come home. He had no idea Rhodes and Easton had died in a car accident just a few miles from their house.

Travis jumped into his car and drove the path his wife would have taken to get home. When he observed cops around a collision site along Lincoln Boulevard, his heart skipped a beat.

Travis found out why his wife and son hadn’t come home when he got closer and spoke with a cop. A train collided with their vehicle at a railroad crossing on Lincoln Boulevard and Ferrari Ranch Road.

“I’m sorry to inform you that she died,” an officer informed Travis. After discovering that the first responders had transferred Easton to the UC Davis Trauma Center, the distraught husband went there.

Little Easton was in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Travis was informed that his kid had two fractured femurs and significant lung damage, but that he would recover. Travis remarked that he’s a warrior, exactly like his mother.

While Travis was crushed by the loss of his wife, he had to stay optimistic for his son’s recovery. Travis has been by Easton’s bedside since the day he was taken to the hospital.

Travis informed his kid about Rhodes’ death on September 29. Easton’s father confessed that Rhodes was his best friend, which upset him. Travis stated, his eyes welled up, and his lips quivered.

Travis went home to tell his little girl of his mother’s death after telling Easton. The dad had never anticipated himself having such a difficult talk with his young kids.

Meanwhile, Travis’s family helped him by organizing a GoFundMe fundraising. Bryan Nunes, the organizer, appealed for donations to support funeral and hospital expenses. He stated, Ashlee’s death has left a big void in so many of them that words cannot describe, but she has left them with countless memories.

As one can expect, the families have been on an emotional rollercoaster trying to make sense of this awful and sad loss, Bryan continued. He had hoped to gather $150,000, and as of October 3, the goal had nearly been met.

After witnessing Easton’s impressive improvement a few days after the accident, the medical personnel took him out of the Intensive Care Unit. Travis felt better realizing his son was making improvement, but he missed his wife terribly. He stated, he is going to be as strong as Ashlee would like him to be.

Easton was permitted to return home in his wheelchair on October 2, but he still couldn’t stand on his own. But, physicians were confident that the small child would recover quickly.

Meanwhile, officials examined the incident and determined that the train crossing gates were operational. Travis, on the other hand, stated that he would “look into this” and push for answers. He continued, she is priceless. It is a miracle that his son is still alive.

Travis sent a meaningful letter on his Facebook profile while caring for his kids to communicate his thoughts. After acknowledging everyone for their unwavering support throughout his darkest days, he revealed what his wife desired.

Travis believed Rhodes was responsible for his son’s survival. He thought she “sacrificed herself” by getting into the horrific accident with Easton and saving her baby’s life.

I don’t have a lot to say right now other than thanking everyone from the bottom of my heart. I can’t say that enough….

Posted by Travis Nunes on Friday, 30 September 2022

We send our heartfelt sympathies to the Nunes family as they mourn Rhodes’ passing. We pray for her soul to rest in peace and for the family to have the courage to bear this heartbreaking loss.

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