California License Plate With ‘Secret Message’ Turns Heads Online.

A California motorist obtained a customized license plate that, when seen in a mirror, spells a banned term.

Personalized license plates in California cannot: be derogatory or slang in ANY language; interchange letters and numerals to seem like other plates; or resemble an existing license plate, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The driver of this vehicle violated the regulations.

California also provides special interest plates, military plates, and historical plates in addition to customized plates.

According to reports, special interest plates assist in supporting a variety of state initiatives and programs, such as those related to agriculture, the arts, coastal preservation, firemen, pets, child health and safety, preservation, conservation, recreation, and others.

The Congressional Medal of Honor, Gold Star Family, Legion of Valor, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Ex-Prisoner of War, and Purple Heart are among the military plates available. Veterans’ Organization plates are also accessible to anybody who desires to purchase one to demonstrate their pride in the nation’s military.

Heritage license plates are also offered for motor vehicles of historical importance produced after 1922 and at least 24 years old.

The first license plate of any type was issued in 1901, when New York approved legislation requiring motor vehicle owners to register with the state.

According to the legislation, license plates must have the distinct initials of the owner’s name inscribed onto the rear thereof in a visible area, and the letters constituting such initials must be at least three inches in height.

The first license plate was given to a guy called George F. Chamberlain.

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