California mom goes viral for braiding her hair while IN LABOR

Secora Hawks, 21, a first-time mother from San Diego, California has gone viral on social media after sharing a video of complicatedly interweaving her hair while in labor-pain because she sought it to look pretty when she delivered baby.

Secora acknowledged she was in the most horrible pain she had ever gone through in her life when she recorded herself shaping her hair, but she was in refutation that she was about deliver the baby.

Secora explained in her TikTok video which has been viewed more than 12.3 million times that she just took a bath so she could style her hair just in case she in labor so it looks pretty.

@secora Reply to @yamilet.88 ppl really doubted I was going to do my hair while in labor but I was committed as you can see #laboranddelivery #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Secora Hawks

She said that she certainly in the most horrible pain in her life and she is just trying to do her hair real quick before she goes into the pain again.

Logically, she was having a hard time French plaiting her hair to her taste in between contractions. She was also anxious that her mom hadn’t reached from Nevada yet and said that she better not be in labor because her mother is not coming until tomorrow.

Secora had to pause what she was doing and take a few deep inhalations as she fought labor pains midway through the video. She added in the heading of the video that people really suspected she was going to do her hair while in labor but said that she was steadfast as seen in the video.

The viral video has gathered more than 2,000 comments and numerous people acclaimed Secora for being so composed. While others pointed out that she doing her hair while in labor pain is evidence to women’s power.

A TikTok user admitted the fact that she was in the worst pain of her life, still looked amazing and didn’t show she was in pain, is incredible.

Secora and her hubby headed to the hospice after she styled her hair but she was still not sure that she was in labor and was going to be sent back home.

In a follow up video, she said that it turns out that she is in labor and added that she was one centimetre opened at her appointment this morning, and now she is five centimetres open. She said that she was really going about her usual day in labor not even knowing.

Secora greeted a hale and hearty baby girl named Olive just hours later and she doesn’t have any guilt about taking the time to do her hair.

In an additional video that she shared and showed this is how the hair looks 12 hours after and if she was to rate it 1 to 10, she would say firm 9 as it held up pretty good.

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