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Candace Bure, actress of ‘Fuller House,’ has enraged fans by reinserting the “reason for the season” into Christmas movies.

Celebrities in America, whether they have free speech or not, are frequently held to a high standard for what they say in the media.

Candace Bure recently discovered how fast people may turn against a celebrity for sharing their ideas.

Candace Bure, star of “Fuller House,” has a devoted following thanks to her work on Hallmark Channel’s Christmas specials. Fans, though, are missing her this year after the actress abruptly left the network in April.

Bure recently discussed her choice to begin appearing in films for The Great American Family network rather than the ABC network. In an interview, Bure, 46, stated that her heart longs to create stories with deeper significance, purpose, and depth. She understood the guys behind the Great American Family loved the Lord and wished to encourage spiritual programming as well as terrific family entertainment.

Her new network is not overtly religious, but it does incorporate what CEO Bill Abbott refers to as “soft faith.” If Christians search for it, they can discover Christian significance in their broadcasts, yet they will not promote or try to convert everyone who watches.

Bure’s words sparked controversy because of her reaction when questioned about the inclusion or exclusion of same-sex couples on the network.

When questioned if she expected same-sex couples to star in Christmas movies on her new channel, Mrs. Bure responded no. Since she believes the Great American Family will maintain traditional marriage at its center.

Twitter user @TheEricRutin (“Hallmarkmoviereviewer”) said, “I think she wants to put hate and intolerance into Christmas. Very Christian of her. Jesus would be so proud I am sure.”

This is not the first time the star’s network has come under fire for alleged homophobia. A recent event at the Hallmark network generated similar feedback:

In 2019, Hallmark was chastised for showing a commercial for featuring a lesbian couple on their wedding day. In December of that year, Hallmark started showing six ads for the website. Hallmark caved to the group’s concerns and pulled the commercial from the air, claiming that it violated the cable network’s regulations.

After apologizing, the network reinstalled the adverts.

Bure has yet to reply to the scathing feedback she has received on her interview. She recently made news for her public feud with JoJo Siwa, which she addressed with elegance and empathy.

Candace’s faith and empathy will undoubtedly help her get through this difficult period. Let us know in the comments what you think of her interview and opinions!

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