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Candace Cameron Bure Defends Her Beliefs after Being Criticized over Marriage Comments.

Candace Cameron Bure, star of “Full House,” is no stranger to controversy. She was recently chastised after her apparently discriminatory statements in an interview with The Wall Street Journal were made public.

The actress told the newspaper that she wants the holidays to be a time to restore Christian values to family entertainment.

She expressed a desire to write tales that supported religion, something she feels many networks have ignored nowadays. When asked if her films will include homosexual couples, Bure replied the Great American Family channel would not, adding that she believe the Great American Family would prioritize traditional marriage.

Her remarks sparked outrage among fans and other celebrities. Following Bure’s comments, actress Hilarie Burton Morgan turned to Twitter to brand her a hypocrite.

She chastised the “Boy Meets World” actress for publicly confessing to discrimination and pointed out that same-sex partnerships were not unusual. Burton’s husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, echoed his wife’s feelings and complimented her for calling out Bure.

Jojo Siwa, a member of the LGBTQ community, chimed in and chastised Bure for her views. Siwa said in a furious Instagram message that this is impolite and insulting to an entire community.

As the world converged on Bure in the aftermath of her remarks, someone close to her opted to take her side and protect her from the public abuse she was receiving.

Natasha Bure, the actress’s daughter, justified her mom from the criticism in a long Instagram post in which she addressed Bure, stating she loved her for always putting Christ first.

She said that comments are frequently taken out of context and perverted, but she praises her mom for always sticking strong in what she believes in and carrying herself with elegance.

Bure has now reacted to the outrage with a lengthy Instagram post in which she describes herself as a person who loves and adores all. She stated that she would never purposely injure or disrespect someone.

She also told anybody “trying” to smear her reputation that she loved them nevertheless, before emphasizing that as a devout Christian, she desired to create bridges, bring people closer to God, and mirror God’s love to everyone she met.

She explained that she loved all, including those who had attempted to destroy her character, as well as people of all faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and political beliefs.

She then revealed that in her search for a home for more faith-based programs, she had previously worked with individuals of different races and identities and had no intention of changing anyone’s views through her stories.

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