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Candice Bergen, 76, once admitted that she is content being ‘fat’ and that she ‘lives to eat.’

Candice Bergen is 76 years old, yet she has created a solid career throughout the years. She has modeled for Vogue Magazine, been nominated for an Oscar, and won five Emmys for her major role in the TV program “Murphy Brown.”

Bergen’s work in “Murphy Brown” was not simple, but it taught her a few valuable things. The actress said in an interview with 60 Minutes that she failed the audition since the role was originally intended for a younger actress, Heather Locklear. The famed reporter position, though, ended up being Bergen’s when the show’s writer and producer, Diane English, believed that the part was appropriate for Bergen.

The concert was a success. Women like seeing a successful, driven woman who was brave and strong in a male-dominated business, and Bergen believed that was why the program seemed real.

Bergen remarked that the part of “Murphy Brown” was one of the roles in which she thoroughly and enthusiastically immersed herself. That role allowed her to be her brattiest, bawdiest self, she explained.

Bergen went on to win five Emmys out of seven nominations for the part, yet after the fifth, she allegedly requested not to be considered for any more nominations.

Although the actress remains relevant and continues to appear in high-profile films, her outlook on life has shifted. Bergen is unconcerned about the public and is concentrated on living a life that she enjoys. In reality, the actress admitted in her memoir “A Fine Romance” that she is OK with her weight and enjoys eating.

Bergen’s memoir was a frank examination of her relationship with food. The “Book Club” star estimated a 30-pound weight increase over the last 15 years and said she didn’t worry.

To clarify, Bergen stated that let her state unequivocally that she is overweight. She lives to eat. None of this ‘eats to live’ nonsense appeals to her.

Bergen also recounted a tale about how she was at a dinner party with her husband, eating bread with olive oil followed by a serving of chocolate ice cream, and got a snicker from another visitor, as the actress has made plain, she doesn’t mind. She is a world champion eater. No carb is safe, and no fat is either, Bergen added.

The “Bride Wars” actor elaborated on her point, saying that most women in their 50s want to maintain their freshness as much as possible, but Bergen is content with a life free of such burden.

Dieting is out of her scope, Bergen remarked, while her friends attempt to keep their weight and depend on rigid diets. She desires cookies, all the things that dilate her pupils.

Bergen also stated that she has seen her friends eat only to vomit for the sake of their figure, something she is not prepared to put up with.

Bergen’s acting has altered with age, from the powerful reporter in “Murphy Brown” to accepting a phase of the delights of grandmother.

Bergen had a 15-year marriage with French filmmaker Louis Malle before marrying her second husband, but he died of cancer in 1995. Chloe Malle, the couple’s daughter, was born.

Marshal Rose has been the actress’s husband since 2000. In one interview, Bergen was asked to name the oldest item in her home. Instead of alluding to anything in her house, the actress joked, “her spouse,” who is now 83.

Bergen became a grandma to two children. Her daughter gave birth to a son, Arthur Louis Albert, in 2020, and a girl, Alice Malle Albert, in April 2022.

The actress was overjoyed to watch her daughter become a mommy. Bergen expressed her confidence that Chloe would be an excellent mother and wished her all the happiness that motherhood had provided her. She is the love of her life, remarked the actress.

A source also said that Bergen was overjoyed about this new phase in her life, adding, “it’s pure love.” The actress is happy to be a grandma and frequently posts nice moments with her grandchildren on Instagram.

According to the source, Bergen had already begun indulging her first grandson with presents and books he could read till he was five years old.

Bergen also bought a lot of clothing for her grandchildren. She and her daughter both love and work in fashion, so there is little doubt that their children will be fashionable.

However, most importantly, the actress wants to allow her daughter freedom to be a mom without interfering too much in her choices. Bergen and Chloe are said to have a close connection, and the mom always respects her daughter’s boundaries.

Bergen may be in the wonderful bubble of being a grandmother, but she hasn’t stopped working. She just appeared in the 2022 film “As they Made Us,” and her next feature, “The Book Club: The Next Chapter,” will be released in 2023.

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