Career Criminal Sets Girlfriend Pregnant With Twins On Fire, Judge Lets Him Walk Free.

Police were called to a property at Packard and Outer Drive after getting a tip about a girl being kept against her will by Devonne Marsh, 42. When they entered, they discovered a horrifying scene. They discovered a 26-year-old lady laying on a bed in the basement, unable to move.

She was 27 weeks pregnant with twins and had significant burns on her legs and tummy. The woman was brought to the hospital in serious condition, having suffered burns to more than 60% of her body. Doctors were worried if her unborn children would survive after she was beaten, doused in gasoline, and set on fire.

Marsh, who the lady named as both her boyfriend and the perpetrator, was detained instantly. The accused was well-known to authorities, with an extensive criminal record over the previous 20 years that included convictions for violent offenses, firearms offences, and drug dealing. Nevertheless, the victim was scared to disclose her boyfriend’s abuse, yet he eventually confessed to detectives.

Marsh was charged with kidnapping/abduction, aggravated/felonious assault, and violating the restricted drug act at first. He was also wanted by the Michigan Department of Corrections for fleeing the Macomb/Mount Clemens office nearly two years ago.

Marsh was granted $50,000 bail and made his $5,000 bond, enabling him to walk free thanks to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s quest for bail reform. Although Worthy’s personal motive contributed to Marsh’s release, she faulted the system for failing to keep him off the streets.

Worthy filed new charges in an effort to apprehend Marsh, including attempted murder, attack and battery on a pregnant person, domestic violence, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, delivery/manufacturing of controlled substances, felony drug possession, felony assault, and felony firearm possession.

Following Marsh’s release, the woman, who was still in critical state and the fate of her unborn children was unknown, was scared to cooperate with authorities. Marsh, she thought, would retaliate against her, which is particularly frightening given that he was released on bond. Surprisingly, the guy who nearly killed his girlfriend and her unborn twins was allowed to go free, while his victims were left struggling for their lives.

Without Worthy’s campaign for criminal and bail reform, officials would not have to trust that the fresh charges presented by the prosecution will keep Marsh locked up until his trial. Unfortunately, there is no certainty that such accusations would stick or that he would be refused bail the next time. There is, however, a lesson to be learnt here. So-called “reform” sounds good on paper, yet it frequently looks very different in practice, where a violent guy might be sent free before accounting for his misdeeds.

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