Caring Grandson Walks 1,700 Miles to Hug His Lonely 77-Year-Old Granny.

The COVID-19 epidemic connected multiple families all over the world. But, in order to preserve social distance and prevent the virus from spreading, critical services such as airplanes and other modes of transportation were halted.

Romeo Cox’s family was among those affected by the lockdown. The then-11-year-old had missed his grandma, however there were no flights to visit her in Witney, Oxfordshire, owing to travel restrictions.

The small man couldn’t help but think of his grandmother, who was alone in London while he was in Palermo, Sicily. So Romeo called his grandmother one day in June 2020 to notify her of his intention to visit her in London.

Rosemary, his grandma, assumed the young man was blabbing and paid no heed to his call. It had been almost a year since Romeo had seen his adored grandmother.

Romeo devised a plan to see his grandma while also “saving the earth,” and the small guy chose to go the traditional route and plot his trip to London.

He made a map and intended to walk and use boats when needed. Eventually, Romeo invited his father, war writer Phil Cox, to join him on the long journey to Grandma.

Romeo went from Italy to London through Switzerland and France. The journey, however, was not without its difficulties. To get to Rosemary, the father-son pair had to fight off hounds and brave the elements.

For the young schoolboy, the voyage was an exciting experience. Romeo spoke about his thrilling adventure and the assistance he got from concerned individuals, including refugees.

Phil and his kid had to deal with a difficult donkey that they had to drag gently, and when they couldn’t afford to stay in hostels, they had to seek refuge under trees in the open. On the third and fourth days they were eight hours straight every day attempting to pull it, but they didn’t want to damage it, he added of the donkey.

They often were fortunate enough to find hostels or families willing to house them. Furthermore, Romeo and his dad did not walk the full route. Instead, their journey consisted of daring rides, cycling, and walking.

Unfortunately, Romeo and his father, Phil, were unable to give Rosemary the embrace they had hoped for when they arrived in London. However, they were isolated for another two weeks before heading to Grandma’s place.

When Romeo got close to his grandmother’s house, footage from the scene showed him running gleefully into her wide arms. Rosemary, who was beaming with delight, couldn’t be pleased to have such a courageous little grandson.

Rosemary then proceeded to feed her grandson eggs and toast after they had the nicest embrace ever. The two had a lot to speak about, particularly Romeo’s once-in-a-lifetime trip.

During his journey, Romeo had numerous memorable experiences and gained some wonderful friends. Refugees were one of his most significant findings.

He became friends with Randolph, a Ghanaian refugee who went out of his way to assist the touring squad. Following that, Romeo considered how he might repay Randolph and the refugee camp for their trust and goodwill.

The youngster earned £13,731 for the organization Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust. Many social media channels commended the courageous child for his caring heart.

Boy Hikes Nearly 2,000 Miles To Visit Grandma During Pandemic

This 10-year-old hiked from Italy to England to reunite with his grandma during COVID-19 — now, he and his father are raising money to support those in similar situations

Posted by NowThis on Monday, 19 October 2020

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