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Carly Simons is devastated when her two sisters died a day apart from each other | “Forever Love And Respect”

Carly Simon is grieving the deaths of both her sisters, Broadway composer Lucy Simon and former opera soprano Joanna Simon, who died a day apart from each other this week. The two sisters died of cancer. Joanna, 82, died of thyroid cancer on Wednesday, and her sister Lucy, 82, died on Thursday after a lengthy fight with cancer.

Carly discussed the devastating loss. She is overcome with grief when she talks of the deaths of Joanna and Lucy Simon. Their absence will be felt for a long time, the statement read. She stated it’s terrible as this day is, it is hard to grieve them without also honoring their great lives. They were three sisters who not only took turns blazing trails and charting routes for one another, but also shared each other’s secrets.

Carly went on. The co-keepers of each other’s memories. She have no words to describe the emotion of unexpectedly being the only remaining direct offspring of Richard and Andrea Simon. They impacted everybody they knew, and those of them they’ve left behind will be fortunate and honored to carry their memories forward. With great and eternal love and respect.

Following a few years of popularity, they released two albums: Lucy Simon in 1975 and Stolen Time in 1977. Carly Simon, the youngest of the Simon Sisters, is well-known for her hit songs such as “You’re So Vain,” “Anticipation,” and “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.”

Lucy rose to prominence as a Broadway composer. In 1991, she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Original Score for her performance in The Secret Garden, which was played 709 times! Lucy didn’t stop there; she then composed music for HBO’s The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom.

Joanna, on the other hand, had her New York City Opera debut in 1962 and went on to play with some of the world’s most famous orchestras, including the New York and Vienna Philharmonics. Joanna returned to journalism after retiring and won an Emmy in 1991 for her PBS broadcast on bipolar illness and creativity. She began her real estate profession in the late 1990s, selling an apartment in the United Nations Plaza building to the famed newsman Walter Cronkite and his wife Betsy.

After both of their spouses died, Joanna and Cronkite converted their friendship into a love partnership. From 2005 till his death in 2009, the two were together. Carly Simon is the last living Simon sibling; they also had a brother, acclaimed photographer Peter Simon, who died in 2018 at the age of 71 after fighting cancer and eventually dying to a cardiac collapse.

Carly Simon pays tribute to sisters who died of cancer one day apart

Grammy Award-winner Carly Simon’s two sisters — Emmy-winning TV correspondent Joanna and composer Lucy — died within a day of each other last week, the singer confirmed in a statement on Sunday.

Posted by CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell on Sunday, 23 October 2022

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