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Carrie Underwood’s Face Called ‘Weird’ And Not Matching Her Body – Fans Begged Her to Stop with ‘The Plastics’

Carrie Underwood has become one of the most recognized country singers since winning the fourth season of “American Idol,” with multiple albums hitting the charts.

The singer’s style has improved, and she has taken more chances with her performances, which has made her one of the most anticipated musicians at music award ceremonies.

Underwood recently attended the CMT Music Awards in a silver sequin gown. To show off her toned legs, she donned a bedazzled blazer with matching shorts.

She completed her appearance with silver shoes, diamond jewelry, and a studded purse. Yet, Underwood’s synchronized look drew mixed reactions from her admirers.

Some fans appreciated that the singer liked to show off her hard work in the gym to obtain her toned legs, while others believed her clothing was inappropriate for her Christian lifestyle.

Some admirers criticized her singing profession and recommended Underwood leave the country music business to focus on her Christian community.

Underwood shared photos at the Country Music Association Awards, including several from her performances. A fan who saw the award event suggested that the artist consider forsaking country music and recording Christian songs instead.

The fan went on to describe how terrible the CMT Awards were. According to the commenter, the program should include more country music, and the new albums being released are not representative of the genre.

Another reader felt Underwood’s appearance did not accurately reflect her Christian beliefs. pushing that religious lifestyle to its breaking point. For fame and money, modest apparel is thrown out the window “said a user. Although some fans just disliked the attire, “Nope. It’s not a nice appearance,” said a follower.

Although the country singer is proud of her figure, others believed there were better ways to flaunt it.

Several admirers complained that the cutout shorts were overbearing. One commenter said that they were sick of seeing Underwood in shorts and didn’t understand her performance wardrobe.

The “American Idols” champion donned a leather ensemble, this time a fringed jacket with heart patches and matching sequined shorts.

She wore a corset under her jacket that was embroidered with realtones and had a delicate fringed touch to it. The commenter was similarly unimpressed with Underwood’s performance.

Although most commenters blasted her legs, one fan suspected Underwood of having cosmetic surgery and said she was overdoing it.

Some of her followers felt her physique was stunning, but others thought she had too much filler in her face. Numerous other individuals reported they saw a change in Underwodd’s face as well.

According to admirers, Underwood’s images featured several flaws, so many that viewers assumed they were edited due to how disproportionate her figure seemed.

Apart from her clothing, a feud between fans who admired and despised Underwood’s ripped legs erupted in her comment sections.

Fans’ views were that others said that her legs were macho, and they couldn’t understand why people appreciated them so much since they appeared so strong. Nevertheless, the user added that they were not attempting to be harsh, but just thought the legs looked bad.

Although some admirers believed Underwood’s legs were toned enough, another user remarked that the singer needs muscular and powerful legs for her performances.

Fans claimed that the more Underwood exercised, the more she harmed her legs, and one netizen even admitted that they were losing interest in her due to how muscular she became.

During an interview at the CMT Music Awards, though, Underwood was asked whether she realized how many people praised her legs. The singer said she was aware and stated that it was her only card to play.

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