Cashier At Walmart Did The Disabled Woman’s Nails When Salon Denied Service.

Angela Peters went to the nail salon inside her local Walmart in in Burton, Michigan, a while back. It was the Da Vi Nails salon and Angela was so excited that she was going to be having her nails done up. It had been quite a while since she’d been pampered in such a way. Far too long.

But there was something of a problem at the salon. Angela’s hands were moving too much, so the salon worker REFUSED to do her nails. You see, Angela is confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, and her drawn-up hands can often shake uncontrollably because of it.

The nail salon employee said she could just not work with Angela because of all the shaking, and sent her on her way. Angela was really looking forward to it. But there would be no pampering at this nail salon. None at all. A hardened person might have complained about it… and complained loudly. But Angela was not a hardened person. It just made her very sad.

A short distance away, a Walmart cashier heard how that salon worker refused to work with Angela, and she decided to do something about it. Ebony Harris was that Walmart cashier. She quickly asked for her lunch break and walked over to the woman in the wheelchair, the one who had been so rudely scolded for not keeping her hands still.

She told Angela not to worry…. that SHE would do her nails. So the two women picked out a polish color, they got a table at the Subway restaurant inside Walmart, and Ebony did Angela’s nails.

As Ebony applied the polish to her fingernails, Angela’s hands trembled slightly, and she kept apologizing for it. But Ebony shook her head and said, “Now you stop saying that… you’re just fine.” And when Ebony was done, Angela had some sparkling new fingernails, just what she had wanted.

Says Ebony: “I just wanted to make her day special… I didn’t want her day to be ruined… plus, she’s a sweetie.”

The Subway worker who took the photo of Ebony working on Angela’s nails said she was so inspired by Ebony’s kindness and Angela’s sweetness. And, that she, herself, would no longer be giving that nail salon any of her business.

And, really, who could blame her for that? 

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