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Cashier is going about her usual day until scared 10-yr-old whispers ‘act like you’re my mom’

For 10-year-old Sammy Green of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, it was just another day. He was heading home from school as usual when he observed something strange.

He became aware that a lady was following him. His dad, Sam Green, spoke to the reporters and explained what had transpired. Started strolling with him and asking him where his family was, where his father was, he explained.

Sammy was certain he didn’t know the woman. She insisted, though, that she knew his family and that he was expected to accompany her.

She said she probably knew him and was going to Wawa, and he was expected to go with her and grab anything he desired, Sammy recalled.

The 10-year-old felt strange about the contact and began to consider what he might do. He noticed a familiar business and took a chance and approached it for assistance.

He stepped into Dani Bee Funky and hurried to the checkout, thinking this was his only chance at seeking assistance. He approached the cashier and hurriedly whispered something into her ear, prompting her to respond.

He said to the cashier to pretend like she is his mom, this lady is following him, Sammy’s father stated.

The cashier instantly stepped up to get between Sammy and the woman, according to surveillance video of the entire incident. However, the woman had arrived at the business and was standing at the door.

The cashier approached the store’s entrance and shut it, leaving the woman outside, before locking the door.

Dani Small, the store’s owner, spoke about the event and commended her staff for assisting the young kid and acting quickly.

It couldn’t have been a simple scenario for the 17-year-old employee to face or manage, but she stepped up and kept the small child safe!

Boy thwarts woman trying to lure him away

"Act like you're my mom, this lady is following me." A 10-year-old boy is being praised for his quick thinking after he says a woman tried to lure him away in Pennsylvania.

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Officials detained the woman who was attempting to entice little Sammy away and referred her for mental health treatment.

We wish to thank the young woman who assisted this small kid in escaping danger. What a wonderful method to assist someone in need!

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