Cat Saves The Family From Morning Fire.

A few years ago, Christine Glover was fast asleep on a Sunday morning. That’s when eight week old Milo’s keen feline senses kicked in. That kitten knew that danger was just around the corner.

Says Christine: “I was going to pick him up, and move him, and I opened my eyes and that’s when I saw the whole back deck that was in flames.”

Christine was awakened by Milo, then she alerted her boyfriend and his roommate.

Says Jim Hammon, veterinarian at the Northgate Animal Hospital: “This being a young kitten knew that the person it loved and bonded with could be the one to help it get out of the situation. “They have heightened senses, heightened sense of sound, heightened sense of smell.”

Fortunately, because of Milo, all three made it out of the house before flames overtook the home. Milo had no training. It was merely his intuition and pure loyalty that helped to save all of those in the house. Unfortunately, Milo did not make it himself.

Says Christine about her boyfriend: “He grabbed his dog and dragged Gracie out and he looked under the bed for Milo, but he just couldn’t find him. I’m definitely going to remember playing with him and him attacking my feet, in the morning when i put my socks and shoes on because he thinks I’m playing.”

Christine says she will always be thankful for Milo, whose name is short for the Spanish word for miracle.

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