Cat Who Survived A Dog Attack Adopts A Puppy.

Gertrude, a 3-year-old cat, was attacked by a pack of dogs last year in Mexico. And the injuries were severe. They were so bad, that she had to have immediate surgery… or she was going to die.

During that surgery, the veterinarians discovered that she was pregnant. And, unfortunately, they could not save them. Gertrude lost her babies, and she barely survived. Nobody in the world would blame her for hating dogs. She had every right in the world to hate them. But Gertrude is a very special cat.

About a week later, while she was still recovering from her surgery, a puppy named Clementine was brought into the clinic. Clementine came in with 2 siblings, but they died almost immediately. They had been dropped off by an owner who had kept them away from their mother for a week. They were all very weak, and they sure didn’t deserve to be taken away from their mother at such a crucial stage in their lives. But they were… and two of them died because of it.

Staff at the clinic was understandably very upset. They tried their best to save all of them, but they just couldn’t. How could a person do that, they wondered. But they had to put those questions aside and quickly start concentrating on the one that survived… Clementine. How could they best care for Clementine?

Clinic manager Claudia Ortega was carrying Clementine past Gertrude’s cage when something very unexpected happened. Gertrude started chirping. Then she started putting her head against the front of her cage. So Claudia put Clementine down next to Gertrude just to see what would happen. And what happened… was pretty amazing.

Gertrude pulled Clementine into her and started grooming her and purring. And Clementine seemed so appreciative of Gertrude’s love for her. After a while, when Claudia reached down and tried to pull Clementine away, Gertrude became very distressed and started crying.

When Clementine was put back down next to her, she calmed down and started taking care of her again.

Several weeks later, Claudia took them to her home to foster care for them. She was hoping, at some point, to adopt them out…. together. And, hopefully, that exactly what happened. 

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