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Caught On Camera: Unsuspecting Motel Housekeeper Pulls Back Messy Stranger’s Sheets.

Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson were staying at a hotel when they planned on surprising their housekeeper. The young lady was going to be startled as the couple chose to conceal something extra beneath the blankets for her to locate as she cleaned their room.

They concealed cameras in the room to catch her astonished response since they didn’t want to miss it. Of course, they subsequently posted the film to YouTube, where it has now gone viral for a good cause. But first, a little background.

We don’t often consider folks who spend their days assisting others in the most basic of ways. While we celebrate the efforts of police officers, nurses, physicians, and teachers, those who prepare our meals and clean up after us are sometimes neglected. However, there is a quiet nobility to helping your fellow humans, which Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson recognize.

Others take care of our necessities every day. This is particularly true when we travel, even though we don’t always recognize the significance of certain situations. But imagine arriving at your hotel room to find it in shambles from the prior visitor.

You’d immediately realize how vital those cleaning services that we frequently take for granted are. Knowing that cleaning is a thankless but vital profession, Kyle and Josh resolved to give one maid the recognition she deserved.

While some YouTubers use hidden cameras to conduct “pranks,” one team takes a completely different method—aand it’s enough to make you cry. Kyle and Josh prefer paying it forward to pranking innocent people, and they set out to do exactly that when they launched their YouTube channel, Give Back Films.

In one of their many touching movies, the pair initially smashes up a hotel room near Park City, Utah, by unmaking the beds and rolling about in the blankets. Then, while their hidden cameras are filming, they put a $500 tip peeping out of the blankets for the maid to locate.

The males lay in wait for the young lady to realize what they had done after seeming to leave the room, discreetly observing her every move. Unaware of what was ahead, the anonymous housekeeper entered the room and started right to work. And it didn’t take long for the worthy maid to get her prize. Her expression says it all.

Although they do not name the lady, they do recount her extraordinary tale. As the hotel’s owner tells how the maid started working at the motel after staying there as a guest, it turns out she’s an extraordinarily hard worker.

The young lady had arrived at the hotel in search of a place to stay when she spotted a “Now Hiring” sign. The hotel had lost its maid just as they were about to enter the busiest season of the year. When the lady inquired about the sign, the owner decided to employ her out of desperation. The owner had no idea it would be a godsend for them both.

The new maid cleaned the rooms as ordered, but the owner was taken aback when she was requested to do some washing. She not only washed the laundry, but she also organized the laundry supplies room, making things more efficient and demonstrating her willingness to go above and beyond in her tasks.

This is a wonderful tale in every way, from the maid who performs her work properly to the guys who strive to reward such individuals. It’s incredible how one act of compassion can touch so many others. Not only was the maid affected by the nice surprise, but so were her employer and the guys who presented the gratuity. We often hear, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” These guys do exactly that, and thankfully, they share their beauty with the rest of us as they work to make the world a better place, one selfless deed at a time.

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