CENTENNIAL WISH: WWII veteran has one request for his big birthday

A World War II soldier from Ohio who is ready to turn 100 has a one-of-a-kind request. For his 100th birthday, he hopes to get 100 cards.

Harold Myers, of Mansfield, Ohio, hopes to get the cards in time for his 100th birthday on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Myers expressed, he never believed he would live to be 100, but God has given him wonderful health and happiness.

Dan Smith, one of Myers’ grandsons, who saw Myers’ fondness for birthday cards, offered this amusing birthday wish to him. Smith explained the concept came to him a couple of years ago. He got a lot of delight from his friends and family for his 98th birthday cards.

Smith was inspired to collect cards from other Americans and inhabitants of the world after seeing his grandfather’s face light up as he read a card. Smith explained, his granddad is a people person who has never met a stranger.

Smith knew that if this succeeded, it would be one of the nicest birthday presents he could offer his granddad. He has made several sacrifices for his family.

In addition, the Myers and Smith families are planning a birthday celebration for the retired salesperson in early June. The event has already received about 150 RSVPs.

Myers is also marking another milestone with his wife Margaret. On Saturday, May 28, the couple celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. They met shortly after he came from military service in 1947. In 1950, they married.

Myers was raised on a family farm near Lexington, a hamlet in Richland County along the Clear Folk River. He graduated from Lexington High School and went on to serve in the United States Army during World War II. He was in England for 11 months and France for 17 months.

Myers served as a quartermaster, which is a soldier who controls and administers supplies within shops or barracks. He was promoted to staff sergeant, a noncommissioned officer position with command responsibility.

When Myers returned to civilian life, he worked for Mansfield Tire and Rubber, a local manufacturing firm; G&L Supply, a local cleaning supply firm; and Interstate Optical, a local glasses wholesaler and lab, for 32 years. He left employment at the age of 90.

John, Dan, and Ellen were born to Myers and his wife. So far, they are the grandparents of 4 kids and the great-grandparents of one.

Anyone who wants to wish Harold Myers a very happy 100th birthday after all, it’s not every day that an individual reaches 100! — may do so here. Cards can be mailed to his post office box at P.O. Box 310, Ontario, OH 44862.

Thank you for your service sir. Hope you have a wonderful 100th birthday soon.

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