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Cher opens up about the truth regarding her hair.

Cher is still as relevant and famous at 76 years old as she was at the height of her success a few decades ago. She is now marketing her M.A.C. Cosmetics range with rapper Saweetie. In addition, the artist revealed some surprising remarks during a promotional interview for the cosmetics line.

Cher’s long, silky jet-black hair has always been one of her most recognizable features. And the singer has said that this is something in herself that she will never alter. She noted in the interview that gray hair is OK for other females. She simply doesn’t do it.

The “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” singer has been renowned for making radical changes to her appearance over the years, but one thing she insists on keeping the same is the blackness of her hair. She refuses to accept gray hair on her head.

The actress and singer has experimented with various haircuts and hair colors, and she has spoken about adopting wigs to change her image. There’s nothing wrong with her hair, but she always loved wigs, she said. They require incredibly minimal maintenance, she adds. It simply makes changing her appearance easy.

Cher believes that her thinking, rather than any cosmetic product or surgery, is the key to her eternal beauty. Cher remarked that one is girl. One will never grow old if one never stop being a girl.

She also does not believe in dressing one age or not wearing particular cosmetic products beyond a certain age, noting, It’s all about having fun, she stated. She really believe individuals who are concerned about how someone applies makeup should acquire a life.

She did, however, explain in 2017 that she enjoys taking care of her skin. She included Dr. Barbara Sturm’s eye cream and face wash, as well as Jan Marini and the Proactiv range, as some of her favorite skincare products.

The artist is a big fan of skincare products and often speaks about them.

Whatever Cher is doing seems to be working because she looks fantastic. We extend our warmest wishes to her!

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