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Chet Hanks supposedly thinks his parents’ marriage is not what it appears to be.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are one of Hollywood’s most adored couples. They’ve been married for more than 34 years and have 4 kids: Colin (44), Elizabeth (40), Truman (26), and Chet (31).

Chet, one of their kids, has earned quite a deal of headlines in recent years due to his rap career and anti-vax sentiments.

Chet, a dad of one, has characterized himself as the family’s “black sheep” and has spoken about growing up in the shadow of his renowned parents. Chet once stated that if he created a cure for cancer tomorrow, the headline would be, ‘Tom Hanks’ Son Invents Cancer Cure,’  It’s unavoidable.

Chet uploaded a shocking video of his ex-girlfriend, Kiana Parker, reportedly assaulting him last year.

On January 8, a video of Hanks and Parker fighting in his Texas house was disclosed. Despite the fact that Hanks seemed to have a bloodied forehead as a result of the claimed attack, Parker was apparently given a restraining order against the rapper.

Parker subsequently talked about a previous violent confrontation she had with Hanks at a New Orleans hotel. According to Parker, Hanks was drinking too much before or during the event, which caused his parents to cut him off monetarily. She went on that he was throwing stuff at her and flinging her about. That was the night he called her a “ghetto Black b—h” and other derogatory terms.

She went on to explain how the pair had mistakenly locked themselves outside of their room.

Parker also provided later text exchanges in which Hanks apologized for his actions. He didn’t mean any of that nonsense. But he is genuinely disappointed in himself for saying that, Hanks reportedly texted Parker.

Chet claimed he saw his mom dominate and manipulate his father for his entire life and he just sat there and accepted it. When Chet feels like he is not being treated as a man, it hits a nerve with him as it makes him feel like he is permitting the same thing to occur to him and he is becoming what he detested most in his father, Chet allegedly continued.

Despite the claimed remarks, Chet has gave thanks to his parents and how they nurtured him. According to the actor and rapper, he was not given an allowance and was forced to live a very normal life.

Chet stated in 2021, they reared him like very, extremely typically…. he meant he has seen so many kids that he grew up with that came from similar situations but were raised very differently than him, and that can be a mess.

In July 2020, Chet had co-star with his dad in the film Greyhound.

He is not complaining; it is what it is, and that’s good, Chet told in November 2019. He adore his father; he’s a wonderful man and a fantastic performer, so he is in a terrific place.

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