Chicago shooting: Woman shot, killed caught friend’s boyfriend with another woman, family says

The family of two women shot, one of whom was murdered, in River North on Saturday is speaking out about what they believe led to the fatal shooting.

According to relatives, Tashawnna Anderson, 26, and her sister, 31-year-old LaShawn Anderson, were inside the 10Pin Bowling Lounge in River North when Tashawnna witnessed her friend’s boyfriend with another lady. That love scandal quickly turned tragic.

“She instructed me to tell her daughter how much she adores her. She didn’t take any more breaths after that. She was struggling to take a breath. And it wasn’t going away, either” explained LaShawn, who also received a gunshot wound as a result of the event. LaShawn is now unable to walk after being shot in the thigh and witnessing her sister’s death.

The family released Tashawnna’s final photograph, which was shot inside the bathroom at 10Pin soon before she stepped outside to meet her friend, who was defying her lover.

LaShawn claimed she witnessed the unspeakable just after 1 a.m. Saturday. “‘He shot me!’ she exclaimed. He fired at me” She said.

According to LaShawn, she witnessed the man step out of the passenger side and punch her cousin to the ground before aiming at the two sisters. Both of them were able to reach the other just at the point where LaShawn said she was working feverishly to save her sister’s life.

“I was applying pressure to her incision so it wouldn’t bleed any further,” LaShawn explained. Tashawnna, however, did not make it, as the claimed gunman drove away. “What makes you think you’d shoot my sister? She wasn’t going to argue with him for nothing! She wasn’t even debating him. She was picked up for a buddy,” LaShawn explained.

At this point, no one is in jail, according to police, while Tashawnna’s family mourns her untimely death.

“It all occurred so fast,” LaShawn remarked.

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