Christopher Reeve Had Given Up On Life Until Robin Williams Made Him Laugh For First Time Since Paralyzing Accident.

Christopher Reeve had fully given up and questioned if there was any use in him surviving any longer. But as his beloved buddy of several years burst through the door, he felt a rush of optimism and knew he could battle through it.After becoming disabled in a horseback riding accident in 1995, Reeve was distraught.  He later told Barbara Walters that he “wanted to die.” 

While he was in the hospital, devastated, a man with a blue scrub cap and a yellow surgical gown went into the room and began speaking with a Russian accent, stating he was there to play out a rectal test on Reeve.In his book, Still Me, published in 1996, Reeve recalled that moment, saying that he laid on his back, immobilized, unable to stop thinking about the worst things. Then, at a particularly dark time, the door swung open, letting in a squat man wearing a blue scrub cap, a yellow surgical gown, and spectacles, and speaking in a Russian accent.

He informed him that he was his proctologist and that he needed to examine him right now. Reeve’s  initial thought was that he was either on far too many medications or that he had brain damage.

“He ordered that Christopher Reeve turn over and undergo an exam, a proctology test,” wrote National Enquirer columnist Rob Shuter in Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops.”Reeve was completely taken aback. He wasn’t able to figure it out. Then he understood he was looking at his partner, Robin Williams. The two of them laughed heartily, maybe for the first time since the disaster “According to the columnist.
Reeve and Williams had been friends for a long time and had seen one other through the ups and downs of life.

They were roommates at Julliard School in New York City for several years before they became the primary actors of world-famous movie successes. According to Reeve’s wife, Dana, it was there that their connection blossomed and they became closer than siblings.

In his memoirs, Reeve also stated that the prank Williams performed on him in the hospital was the first time he had any sense of optimism since the tragedy. The actor explained that he laughed for the first time since the accident. His old acquaintance had reassured him that he would be OK.

What the Superman star and the famous comedian exchanged in the hospital that day stayed with Reeve long after the tragedy.

Reeve later explained, Robin was the first one down in Virginia to show up when he was truly in danger.  He came here one day and just and thank goodness Reeve was wearing a seatbelt on this chair as according to Reeve he would have  passed out laughing. It’s amusing. Even in the midst of a tragedy like this, in the midst of a depression, there may be true pleasure, laughter, and love.Not only did Williams show up for his buddy while he was living, but he continued to do so after Reeve died by being there for his family.

Williams stood by the family’s side when Reeve died in 2004, trying to make their sadness a bit lighter, even though he, too, was mourning the loss of his beloved old buddy.

Christopher Reeve at the Oscars

In 1996, less than a year after a horse-riding accident left him paralyzed, Christopher Reeve appeared at the Oscars to shed light on the power of movies that present social justice issues to the world. Revisit the heartwarming standing ovation he received.

Posted by The Academy on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reeve’s kids, who saw their dad’s paralysis, recall Williams’ importance in helping their father regain the old spirit he had in his life even after he was paralyzed. After his passing, they paid tribute to Williams by informing the world that they would remember him not just as a comic and a superb actor, but also as the guy who helped bring back the fun in their dad’s life.

“Robin’s visit to our dad’s hospital room after his injury was the first time Dad actually laughed. ‘My old buddy had helped me believe that somehow I was going to be okay,’ Dad later said “the Reeve family wrote in their homage to Williams, which was posted on the website of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Williams will be remembered by the family for everything he did for Reeve. Ths family stated that beyond the gift of laughter, Steve gave their family and the Reeve Foundation the gift of his simple, steady friendship.

Hope both talented wonderful souls are having a good time in heaven. Do share this story with your loved ones.

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