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Chubby Checker Still in Love with Wife of 58 Years Yet Has 4 Kids from 2 Women — One of His Children Is Famous

Ernest Evans is one of the uncommon black men that conquered the music industry in the 1960s. Well recognized as “Chubby Checker,” was an iconic rock and roll singer and “The Twist” was one of his renowned songs and well-known dances.

The singer was also appeared in the media when he publicized his engagement to the conqueror of the 1963 Miss World, Catharina Lodders. The pair got engaged when Lodders had just ended her sway as Miss World. They got married when they were both 22. 

Talking about their mixed-race association, Evans explained that they did not bother because they are just two people with the same viewpoint on life.

The ex-Miss World and rock and roll star carried on to have a family and had three broods together, named Bianca, Shan, and Ilka Evans. All of them are married and living their own lives.

Evans and Lodder endured the test of time and upheld a robust matrimonial for 58 years and they sustained to live together in their old phase. Chubby Checker has been a loving father to his broods and has had a fruitful matrimonial with his ex-Miss World wife, in spite of their own ups and downs in their relationship.

Evan’s broods have stayed missing from the publicity and kept a low profile. His son, Shan stated to be the main singer for the band “Funk Church” with the same groove, beat and voice as his rock star dad.

Posted by Shan Egan Evans on Sunday, 30 January 2022

Chubby Checker’s daughter Bianca is also subdued and she works at an Aspen Skiing Company.

Posted by Bianca Evans on Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Ilka, the second daughter of Lodders and Evans, is a businessperson who possesses a candle-making business and home-based body care goods.

Posted by Ilka Fransisca on Thursday, 24 March 2022

Evans had one more kid while he was wedded to Lodder. His daughter Mistie Bass is now 38 and has made reputation from her days as a basketball player. All over her profession, Bass’ trainers defined her as attentive and settled, particularly when she underway becoming renowned.

Bass is wedded to NFL field general Shane Boyd. They are a power basketball duo, and now, the ex-WNBA player is a motivational talker and a mommy of two.

Chubby Checker was also gratified of his offspring’s basketball skills. He said that he treasured seeing her and her team play. Evans is the kind parent that anxiously watches the game. He stated that his daughter’s sports keep him on the edge of his seat.

Bass said she that she sought persons to get to recognize her for who she was and not her dad’s position, even though she knew that people would get to know ultimately.

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